Thursday 23rd May, 2024
Thursday 23rd May, 2024
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Bumps and Lumps (bony and soft tissue)

Bony protubences and bumps commonly affect the feet. In most cases bumps are caused by arthritic changes and are reflective of peri-articular spurring or spurring around a joint. Sometimes a bump may be associated with a soft tissue lesion such as a ganglionic cyst, plantar wart and in more serious cases an abscess which is most likely to be seen in the diabetic foot.

Bumps and protrubences may or may not cause a problem in which case most can be left alone. However commonly they need to be addressed. They may be accommodated by wearing deeper and wider footwear or padded to prevent the overlying skin and actual lesion from being irritated. In many cases soft tissue lesions such as ganglions need to be excised. Spurring around joints can also be removed surgically. Surgery can provide great relief from irritation and pain.