Thursday 23rd May, 2024
Thursday 23rd May, 2024
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Arthritis (forefoot, midfoot, rearfoot and ankle)

Arthritis can affect any joint in the human body and all the joints of the foot can be affected in addition to the ankle. The extent and location of arthritis will determine which treatment options are to be used. Orthotic therapy, physical therapy, pharmacology (medications) and sometimes injection therapy are important non-surgical methods of treatment.

Surgery is reserved for patients who do not respond well to conservative (non-surgical) methods of treatment. A pan metatarsal head resection procedure (or removal of all of the lesser metatarsal heads) is commonly preformed in rheumatoid arthritic patients with lesser metatarsophalangal joint pain, deformity and arthritis. In general the type of surgery will depend upon the level of pain the patient’s experiences and the extent of articular (ie-joint) damage. Joint preservation, joint reconstructive and joint destructive procedures all have a place in the treatment of arthritis.