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Soccer boots: Are yours the right fit?

Soccer boots

It’s hard to believe that the soccer season is approaching so rapidly! And the new season should always start with a new pair of boots.

It is important to ensure your boots are properly sized. When the feet have finished growing, a snugger fit is recommended to optimise contact with the ball and provide enhanced ball handling. For children’s feet, it is preferable to leave about an inch of growing room at the end to ensure they last the season. That said, if they’re are playing at a high level, several times a week, they will wear through their shoes more quickly, and so going for the optimum fit right now is the way to go. Shoes which are too big will affect performance on the field, but shoes should not be so tight as to cause rubbing or discomfort. Make sure there is enough room to wriggle the big toe between the sole and the top of the shoe.

When getting fitted for your soccer boots you should wear your shin pads and the socks you intend to wear with them. It is recommended you get measured in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest, having naturally swollen slightly during the day. Note that soccer boots may be a size smaller than regular shoes.

Rubbing caused by poorly fitting boots can cause blisters, calluses, corns and ingrowing toe nails. Bunions, metatarsalgia and stress fractures may also cause pain in the feet and toes of soccer players. Contact ACT Podiatry for an appointment to rule out any foot conditions or injuries, or to see if your soccer boots or orthotic support is right for you.