Saturday 21st Jul, 2018
Saturday 21st July, 2018
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Common Complaints, Foot Surgery, Anatomy and Biomechanics

Hallux valgus surgery explained - video one

1st MTP joint fusion with autograft and locking plate - video two

Plantar plate tear - video three

Hammer toe surgery explained - video four

Morton’s neuroma and surgery explained - video five

Plantar fasciitis (plantar fasciopathy) overview including treatment options - video six

Pan-metatarsal head resection procedure explained – common in the rheumatoid foot - video seven

Ankle and sub talar joint range of motion explained - video eight

Bones of the foot explained - video nine

Run longer with well prescribed foot orthoses

Do custom made foot orthoses work and are they expensive? Part 2

This relates to the article (also available online) in the Sydney Morning Herald…'Expensive orthotics no better than a sham, review…

Do custom made foot orthoses work and are they expensive? Part 1

I raise this question, as only recently I read an article on line, but published in the Sydney Morning Herald…

Footwear considerations when needing orthotics

When recommending foot orthoses as part of a treatment plan, I always give consideration to patient’s footwear. Footwear can often…

Skiing: Put your feet first

Having been born and raised in England, my first introduction to skiing was on the dry brush-meshed ski slopes of…